1st Choice 壹之選

1st Choice - Hair Care Adult Cat Hair Removal Salmon Formula


Adult cats 1-10 years old
Salmon Formula for Healthy Skin and Hair
The main ingredient, salmon oil, is the best source of Omega 3, 6 and 9 for optimal skin health.
Combining the protein and fat of fish helps to grow thick, smooth, healthy hair that is bright and easy to manage, and the hair ball control technology helps cats need it.
Fresh salmon is the first ingredient, which can satisfy most cats with taste requirements.
It uses a golden ratio of essential fatty acids of Omega-6 (natural chicken fat, lecithin) and Omega-3 (salmon oil, whole ground flaxseed) to help brighten the coat and reduce shedding.
L-cystine is an amino acid that helps hair growth and meets the special requirements of cats. The Super Premium tooth-cleaning formula is made from green tea extract, which is added with soluble vitamin C that can synthesize the acid and alkali of the mouth and special cell wall fibers that can remove tartar to effectively control and inhibit harmful oral bacteria and promote the health of teeth and gums.
Perfectly balanced pH helps maintain urinary system health and optimal condition.
Yucca extract effectively inhibits ammonia, ensuring less odor and freshening the cat's litter tray.
Special plant cell membrane fibers are added to ensure smooth discharge of hair balls.
Urine weakly acidic formula (PH-6.2 ~ PH-6.4) to prevent urinary tract diseases.
Effective deodorizing formula with natural Yucca extract.
Lecithin/flaxseed, reduces shedding and helps hair color shine.
The addition of natural prebiotics such as fructooligosaccharides and mannans further promotes the growth and development of healthy gut bacteria, promotes lower intestinal stability, improves digestion and absorption and strengthens the immune system.
Calcium+: Helps the development of muscles and bones in kittens.
DHA: Helps with vision, brain and all other organ development Pets are affected by stress and aging just like people, so adding the right natural fiber sources like tomato pulp, dried beet fiber and rice sugar can help promote improved intestinal function.
These special formulas also contain ginger extract, which can help reduce nausea and gastrointestinal flatus.