Advance 愛旺斯

Advance - Prescription Cat Food For Weight Loss


High protein content (40%) helps maintain muscle mass.

Citrus flavonoids - help reduce oxidative stress and improve blood lipid profile.

Low energy density - promotes weight loss in a healthy way.

L-carboxylate - helps burn fat.

Essential Omega 6 fatty acids, zinc and biotin - help restore and maintain skin, hair and their protective barrier function.

Low levels of starch and carbohydrates with low glycemic index - improves insulin sensitivity and glucose metabolism.

Ingredients: Corn protein, dehydrated poultry protein, corn, vegetable fiber, wheat, wheat protein, potato protein, barley, dehydrated pork protein, pea fiber, hydrolyzed animal protein, animal fat (with natural tocopherol Stable blend), beet pulp, potassium chloride, salt, calcium carbonate, fish oil, flaxseed, olive oil, natural polyphenols.