Cat's Best 凱優

Cat'S Best - Special Strong Smell Absorbing Strawberry Flavored Wood Pellets For Small Animals

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Environmentally friendly sawdust sand imported from Germany

Strawberry flavor, excellent deodorization effect and turns to powder when exposed to water

General cat litter can be cleaned with a shovel

Contains high-speed absorption molecules , has a strong effect, can absorb moisture and odor for a long time, and turns into powder when exposed to water.

Using special compression technology, it is compressed into a granular shape.

Passed the German Stiftung Warentest quality test and is of excellent quality.

100% pure sawdust fiber, only made of uncontaminated fir and pine in Germany.

It can be made into organic compost after use and can be completely decomposed by organisms.

It does not contain any bark, does not cause soil acidification, and can be poured into the toilet, which will not cause environmental pollution and has environmental protection functions.

Brand: Germany Catbest

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