Lady Flavour 好味小姐

Lady Flavour - Delicious Fresh Pumpkin Chicken With Hua Mao Cream


Made from pure natural fresh ingredients, without added mineral oil or preservatives, it is gentle and non-irritating, and combined with enough moisture to make cats shed hair easily and without burden.

Using chicken and sea bream, which are generally accepted as the base, with sweet and high-fiber yam and pumpkin, cats will love it even more! In addition to being beneficial to cat hair health, the natural oils are paired with fiber-rich pumpkin and chicken breast is used as the base to make a hair removal cream. It tastes sweet and has a smooth texture. Cats love to eat it and it can also help with intestinal digestion.

How to use: Stir evenly and give as a snack. It is recommended to use about 2-3 spoons at a time. The daily dosage should not affect the main meal.