Makesure 麻薯

Makesure - nino cat scratching post green


"1.Sturdy Design: The cat scratcher features a solid construction with a large 40cm diameter density board base [17cm] and a large 40cm diameter scratching post, providing a total weight of [5.3kg] to withstand the scratching of various large-sized cats.

2.Adjustable Assembly: The scratcher is designed with segmented parts, allowing for easy height adjustment of the scratching post according to the cat's size and preferences.

3.Fashionable and Durable: The worn-out components of the scratching post can be replaced, promoting a longer product lifespan and ensuring longevity.

4.Eco-friendly Paper Wicker: Made from non-toxic and odorless materials, the scratcher is constructed with eco-friendly paper wicker, which is safe for cats and minimizes shedding, thus protecting the cat's health."