Pronature Holistic 楓趣盛宴

Pronature Holistic - Fresh Chicken And Sweet Potato Kitten (2-12 Months) Formula Food


Fresh Chicken and Sweet Potato Kitten Formula


Growing period 2-12 months

Give your newborn cat the most nutritious kitten food, so that its teeth can chew more easily. We carefully selected and blended its favorite ingredients with its current nutritional needs.

Nutritional characteristics

Source of fresh chicken: Fresh chicken is nutritionally balanced, delicious and the main source of protein. It has perfectly balanced nutrition and high palatability.

Strengthens the Immune System: Strengthens your kitten's immune system with the aid of vitamins E and C (large amounts derived from sweet potatoes), natural prebiotics, dried chicory root, yeast extract and chelated minerals.

Improves Digestion: Natural fiber sources such as sun-dried tomato pomace promote optimal intestinal function, and the fiber in organic carob beans also helps regulate digestion and stool consistency.

Optimum Growth: This formula is rich in protein, vitamins and calcium to promote vitality and bone growth in kittens. Contains organic herring mince (a source of DHA) to help promote brain development.

Fortified with protein, vitamins and calcium to provide high energy and help bone development reach optimal status.

Unique formula helps kittens transition to solid food after weaning. The particle shape, size and hardness are specifically designed for kittens' tooth structure and chewing ability.

Herring (source of DHA) is helpful in promoting the intellectual development of the brain.

Vitamins E, C and beta carotene combined with mineral ingredients strengthen the body's immune system.

Tomatoes are rich in beta-carotene, which strengthens the body's immune system.

Tomatoes, beet pulp and other natural fiber sources promote intestinal function and enhance digestion and absorption.

Chicory root, yeast extract and other natural probiotics promote the growth of beneficial bacteria and enhance the defense of the immune system.

Honey: Honey contains protein, minerals, organic acids, a large number of vitamins, ? (promotes digestion and natural antibacterial ingredients), and carbohydrates.

Organic Carob: Rich in plant fiber, it helps regulate the firmness of the intestines and stool.


Chicken, chicken meal, chicken fat, tocopherol, herring meal, sweet potato, brown rice, barley, oat groats, dried egg product, natural chicken flavor, peas, dried apple pomace , Dried Tomatoes, Whole Flax Seeds, Lecithin, Potassium Chloride, Choline Chloride, Dibasic Calcium Phosphate, Salt, DL-Methionine, Taurine, Yeast Extract, Crab and Shrimp Meat, Ferrous Sulfate, Dried Chicory Root (source of inulin), ascorbic acid (vitamin C), zinc oxide, sodium selenite, alpha-tocopheryl acetate (source of vitamin E), New Zealand green mussel, sea cucumber, niacin, yucca extract Calcium iodate, manganese oxide, calcium butyrate, thiamine nitrate, riboflavin, doxoride hydrochloride, vitamin A supplement, cholecalciferol (source of vitamin D3), biotin, organic dried blueberries, organic pineapple Dried, honey, organic dried rosemary, organic dried coriander, dried mint organic, organic beans, organic nori meal, organic dehydrated alfalfa powder, organic green tea extract, organic dried spinach, organic dried cauliflower, organic dried carrots, organic dried Cauliflower, zinc, protein, vitamin B12, cobalt carbonate, manganese protein, folic acid, copper, protein.

Nutritional analysis

Crude protein 30 % minimum

Crude fat 20 % minimum

Moisture 10 % maximum

Crude fiber 4.5 % maximum

Crude Gray matter 8.5 % max

Calcium 1.0 % min

Phosphorus 0.8 % min

Magnesium 0.1 % max

Taurine 0.25 % min

Vitamin A 30 000IU/kg min

Vitamin D 2 000IU/kg min

Vitamin E 140IU/kg min

Potassium 0.70 %

Sodium 0.45 %

Copper 15 mg/kg

Zinc 245 mg /kg

Iodine 6 mg/kg

Selenium 0.5 mg/kg

Niacin 170 mg/kg

Vitamin B12 175 μg/kg

Choline 2500 mg/kg

Omega-3 0.60 %

Omega-6 3.0 %

Glucosamine 400 mg/kg

Chondroitin 500 mg/kg

Vitamin C 200 mg/kg

Vitamin B 4200 micrograms/kg

DHA 0.13 %

The dream of the ultimate feast comes true

PRONATURE HOLISTIC has been the chief nutritionist’s dream for twenty-five years. Everything started from a simple motive. It is to give the best ingredients, balanced nutrition, and the most delicious taste to the unique child in each owner's heart. The formula is rich in the spirit of unconditional giving, the responsibility of the nutritionist and the love of the owner. This dream follows people. The evolution of the relationship with pets is finally realized!

The best natural ingredients‧No compromise!

Based on biological science, coupled with delicious and nutritious natural ingredients: carefully select fresh meat from specific regions (grain chicken, turkey, duck) and fresh fish delivered to your door as soon as possible; rich in nutrition Brown rice and wild rice, pearl barley (barley) and oats; as well as organically grown herbs, fruits and vegetables, provide rich vitamins and minerals, emphasizing freshness and deliciousness as well as nutritional balance for modern household pets.

PNH is a pet nutritional food that combines "natural" and "organic": carefully selected natural ingredients, focusing on high digestibility and absorption, extreme palatability and freshness. It also integrates organic raw materials to improve nutrition and functionality, making PNH the best choice for you to pay unconditionally for your children.

Calories: 445 kcal/cup 4240 kcal/kg