Pronature Holistic 楓趣盛宴

Pronature Holistic - Fresh Chicken And Sweet Potato Kittens (2-12 Months) Formula Food


Fresh chicken and sweet potato recipe for kittens
Growth period 2-12 months
Give your newborn cat the most nutritious kitten food so that its teeth can chew more easily. We carefully select it and combine its favorite ingredients with the nutritional needs it needs at this stage.
Nutritional characteristics
Source of fresh chicken: Fresh chicken is nutritionally balanced, delicious and the main source of protein. It has perfectly balanced nutrition and high palatability.
Immune System Boost: Boost your kitten's immune system with the aid of vitamins E and C (large amounts derived from sweet potatoes), natural prebiotics, dried chicory root, yeast extract and chelated minerals.
Improves Digestion: Natural sources of fiber such as sun-dried tomato pomace promote optimal intestinal function. The fiber in organic carob beans also helps regulate digestion and stool consistency.
Optimum Growth: This formula is rich in protein, vitamins and calcium to promote vitality and bone growth in kittens. Contains organic herring mince (a source of DHA) to help promote brain development.
Fortified with protein, vitamins and calcium to provide high energy and help optimal bone development.
Unique formula helps kittens transition to solid food after weaning. The particle shape, size and hardness are specifically designed for kittens' tooth structure and chewing ability.
Herring (a source of DHA) is beneficial to promoting the intellectual development of the brain.
Vitamins E, C and beta carotene are combined with mineral ingredients to strengthen the body's immune system.
Tomatoes are rich in beta-carotene, which strengthens the body's immune system.
Tomatoes, beet pulp and other natural fiber sources promote intestinal function and enhance digestion and absorption.
Natural probiotics such as chicory root and yeast extract promote the growth of probiotics and enhance the defense of the immune system.
Honey: Honey contains protein, minerals, organic acids, a large number of vitamins, ? (to promote digestion and natural antibacterial ingredients), and carbohydrates.
Organic Carob: Rich in plant fiber, it helps regulate gastrointestinal and stool firmness.