Schesir 雪詩雅

Schesir - Chicken Tuna Rice Boiled Cat Staple Food Jar

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Italian All-Natural Cat and Dog Canned Food

Schesir brings a different kind of main food can

Steam-cooked series, original flavor, and rich meaty aroma

Salmon (85g)

Chicken and Tuna (85g)

Product Details:

Low fat, high protein, delicious and visible

Product Name: Chicken and Tuna Rice Soup Cat Canned Food

Can Capacity: 85g

Suitable for: Adult cats

Country of Origin: Thailand

Shelf Life: 3 years

Storage Method: Consume or refrigerate after opening

Fish, shrimp, and crab from the Pacific fishing area

Selected fish cuts from the belly and midsection

Chicken from food-grade farms

Selected chicken breast meatitarian brand

Protect dolphins

Do not contain hormones or additives

100% ocean catch

Visible good meat quality

Not a meat paste, visible intact meat fibers when opened

Meat strip-shaped, rejecting meat powder, bone powder, offal, and impurities mixed in.

Visible meat quality for a safer and more reassuring choice

No offal, healthier

Excessive intake of offal can lead to overweight and picky eating in cats

Does not contain offal or other scraps, only uses intact large pieces of fish belly meat, chicken breast meat, and other light-colored meat chunks in the can.

High-quality animal protein, low fat, low cholesterol

Natural and nutritious formula

Combining natural production techniques to retain the complete nutrition of ingredients

Developed in collaboration with the Veterinary School of the University of Bologna, Italy, to meet the daily nutritional and moisture needs of cats.

Professional research and development for comprehensive nutrition

Fivefold zero additives

Fully brings out the original aroma of fresh meat, no need for enticing

0 enticing agents

0 coloring agents

0 flavor enhancers

0 carrageenan

0 industrial preservatives

Strict quality control

Unified standards, transparency

Schesir brings a different kind of main food can

The ideal feeding method for cats requires a combination of dry and wet food

Schesir natural main food cans protect cats' meals all year round

Full of "fresh flavor," enjoy a meat feast

Natural nutrition, safeguarding health

Low phosphorus and magnesium

Comprehensive nutrition

Low carbohydrates

Adequate moisture

Low cholesterol

Truly natural

Product Ingredients:

Main Ingredients:


Chicken 34%

Tuna 26%

Rice 2%

Sunflower oil 2%


Taurine 0.1%


Nutritional Analysis:

Crude Protein ≥10.5%

Crude Fiber ≤1%

Crude Fat ≥1.6%

Crude Ash ≤1.6%

Calcium ≥0.1%

Total Phosphorus ≥0.1%

Water-Soluble Chlorides ≥0.06%

Taurine ≥0.04%

Moisture ≤84%

Schesir Three Series, Each With Its Own Merits

Grain-Free Broth Main Food Can

Orange-yellow color represents the grain-free broth series

Gel Main Food Can

Gray-blue color represents the gel series

Steam-Cooked Main Food Can

Purple color represents the steam-cooked series

Specialized formula

Developed in collaboration with the Veterinary School of the University of Bologna

Selected ingredients

Ingredients for both humans and pets, only using high-quality parts

Strict quality control

No use of bones, offal, or fruit peel residues

Food-grade quality

Retains the nutrition and flavor of ingredients

Schesir Natural Cat and Dog Canned Food

Bringing vibrant lives to beloved pets

Natural ingredients, naturally delicious


Started in 1999, originated from Italy


Respecting science, specializing in formulas

Schesir is the first brand to introduce 100% natural ingredient products to the European market, providing high-quality food for pets for nearly 30 years. It is one of the leading brands in the pet food industry.

Not only does it represent "natural" products, but Schesir also adheres to the fundamental principles of creating products and promotes ecological sustainability. The packaging and promotional materials are made from renewable or recyclable materials.