Advance 愛旺斯

Advance - Prescription Dog Food Grain Free Skin Specific


Made in Spain

Clinically Proven

Significant clinical validation

Active Defense with Scientifically Proven

Veterinarian recommended, clinically proven, significant effectiveness

Veterinary research and development

Over 20 years of nutritional research experience

Scientific validation

Clinical research reports

Original imported from Spain

Quality guaranteed

Real results

Specialized formula for different pathologies, used for therapeutic purposes until recovery, then transitioned to ADVANCE series for daily feeding

Natural ingredients

No artificial coloring, no artificial preservatives, no animal by-products

Active Immunoglobulins

Natural Polyphenols

Product details:

Prescription dog food - Skin-specific


Package weight: 1.5kg

Suitable for dogs weighing 1-10kg

Granule size: approximately 10mm

Country of origin: Spain

Storage instructions: Store in a cool, dry place in a sealed container

Reduce inflammation

Maintain skin health

Restore skin barrier

Protect barrier function

Help control allergic reactions

Curative effect:

During the pet's illness, feed according to the instructions on the package until recovery, then transition to ADVANCE series for daily feeding

Product ingredients:

Premium ingredients

Selected high-quality animal protein as the main ingredient

Contains natural antioxidants

Free from artificial preservatives and artificial colors

Effective protection

Enhance pet's resistance and natural barriers



Trout 18%

Dehydrated trout protein 8%

Potato protein 4%

Olive leaf extract 0.05%

Corn gluten

Hydrolyzed animal protein

Hydrolyzed collagen protein 2.6%

Animal fat (stabilized with natural tocopherols)

Fish oil

Plant fibers

Soybean oil

Aloe vera 50mg/kg

Dicalcium phosphate

Calcium carbonate

Sugar beet pulp

Potassium chloride



Natural polyphenolic compounds

Omega-6 fatty acids

Reduce transcutaneous water loss caused by dryness, improve skin and coat condition

Aloe vera

Help restore and maintain skin moisture

Zinc and yeast

Help restore skin, hair, and their protective barrier function

Collagen peptides

Aid in wound healing

Trout and potatoes

Help reduce the risk of food adverse reactions

Omega-3 fatty acids (EPA and DHA)

Help reduce inflammation and clinical symptoms of allergic dermatitis

Omega-3 & 6 and olive leaf extract

Help reduce inflammation and maintain skin health

Nutritional indicators:

Moisture (%): 8.0

Vitamin A* (IU): 27000.0

Protein (%): 26.0

Vitamin D3* (IU): 1800.0

Fat content (%): 18.0

Vitamin E* (mg): 450.0

Crude fiber (%): 3.0

Vitamin C* (mg): 350.0

Inorganic matter (%): 7.0

Iron (%): 184

Calcium (%): 1.1

Iodine* (%): 1.4

Phosphorus (%): 0.9

Copper (mg): 16.0

Sodium (%): 0.30

Manganese (mg): 54.0

Omega-3 fatty acids (%): 1.20

Zinc* (mg): 148.0

Omega-6 fatty acids (%): 3.00

Selenium* (mg): 0.10

EPA (IU): 0.35

Metabolizable energy (kcal): 3930.0

DHA (IU): 0.65

Digestibility (%): 82

Feeding guide:




1 kg


3 kg


5 kg


10 kg


ADVANCE, with over 50 years of animal food manufacturing experience, is a well-known brand under Affinity, a leading pet food company in Spain.

The only pet dry food brand rich in Active immunoglobulin, with a unique production process that maintains intestinal health and defends against viral invasion from within.

Preferentially selected fresh animal meat sources, rich in vitamins and minerals, highly palatable.

No added synthetic preservatives or colors, balanced nutrition to ensure pet's health.