Subscription Order

Subscription Order

Subscription orders allow you to schedule regular deliveries of pet accessories, saving you time and energy by providing a convenient, regular supply of what your fur kids need.

Benefits of Subscription Order

Keeping the stock always sufficient

Pet supplies will be regularly delivered. Since it's all automated, you never need to worry about running out.

Save money

Enjoy exclusive discounts on subscription order

Easy to Manage

View your orders anytime, anywhere on the " Subscription Order " page in your account. We will also send an order confirmation by email after each order is charged, making it easier for you to manage your order.

How to Place Subscription Order?

1. Select a product

2. Select " Subscription Order " in the Purchase Options.

3. Select your desired delivery frequency, add the products to your shopping cart and check out.

4. Your order will be automatically charged to the credit card you provided and delivered on the next order date.

*Terms and Conditions Apply

Other questions?

Q: Are there any restrictions on the Subscription Order Programme?

A: Subscription Orders are eligible for exclusive offers. You must complete a minimum of 3 orders to be eligible for this offer. The first 3 orders of Subscription Order cannot be changed or cancelled, please contact our Customer Service Officer if necessary.

Q: Why am I being charged shipping fee for my second subscription order?

A: If the price of your subscription order is less than HK$400, the order will be charged with shipping fee.

You can contact us to add products to your order before the next subscription order is shipped so that the total amount of the order is over HK$400, and we will provide free shipping if the delivery address is within the delivery area. If the delivery address is within the unsuitable area, we will charge you for the delivery fee according to the situation.

Q: Will the subscription order products be out of stock?

A: We have taken into consideration the needs of our customers when we launched the subscription order, especially to ensure that we have sufficient stock. By requesting a minimum of 3 subscription orders, we can stock up in advance to ensure that you receive your subscription order. Whilst there may still be supply shortages, our Customer Service Officer will contact with you.

Q: If the price of my subscription order product is reduced and it is a better deal than the subscription order price, can I take advantage of the special price?

A: If your subscription order product is on sale on and is cheaper than your subscription order price, you may also enjoy the sale price to ensure that you always get the maximum savings when processing your order.

Q: Can I place a recurring order as a guest?

A: To use the Subscription Order service you will need a member account so you can log in and track your subscription orders! Registering for a membership is very easy and you can also receive PetDollar, shopping as a guest will not earn PetDollar, so we recommend that you shop as a member to earn PetDollar.