Aixia 愛喜雅

Aixia - Healthy Tuna Sauce Packets For Kittens


Considering the healthy growth of kittens and easy-to-eat comprehensive nutritious food, kittens can easily eat it in a soft paste form. It contains calcium to support the health of kittens and maintain bone development. It also contains taurine, DHA, and oligosaccharides

Ingredients: Fish (tuna, fish extract, etc.), oils (vegetable oils, refined fish oil containing DHA), glucose, oligosaccharides, minerals (Ca.P ), viscosity stabilizer, taurine, vitamins (ADEKB1.B2.B6.B12. Nicotinic acid. Pantothenic acid. Folic acid. Biotin. Choline)

Analytical value: crude protein 11.0 % ↑, crude fat 3.6%↑, crude fiber 0.1%↓, crude ash 2.8%↓, moisture 79.6%↓

Calories: 42Kcal/pack

Origin :Thailand