Back-2-Nature - Environmentally Friendly Recycled Paper Sand For Small Animals

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年中寵你多一點 小動物 鋪墊&砂類產品優惠
指定鋪墊&砂類產品 3件照價再9折

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100% recycled paper special strips of environmentally friendly paper sand, no chemical additives

Applicable objects: cats, pet rabbits, pet rats, reptiles, etc.

Odor absorption Good effect

Strong absorption, low dosage, economical

Lightweight, easy to carry

Soft quality , does not crush, does not stick, does not dirty the indoor environment

Organic natural product, 100% biodegradable

No dust, will not cause harm to the human body and pet respiratory problems

After opening and being exposed to the air, it will not grow mold or insects

After use, it can be flushed into the toilet or composted

Recommended usage:

Put 2~4 cm of paper sand into the bedpan

After removing the solid feces, Gently stir the paper sand to create convection in the air, making it easier to deodorize

Partially soiled paper sand is easy to handle, and organic matter can be decomposed and used as compost