Biogance 浦潔絲

Biogance - Aloe Rose Essential Oil Killing Drops For Cats


Dermocare+ is a multifunctional skin care range made from 100% natural active ingredients.

Made with aloe vera, organic rosehip oil and a blend of essential oils (lemongrass, lavender, tea tree, Scots pine, geranium, rosemary and eucalyptus) to soothe, hydrate*, purify and stimulate regeneration.

*Moisturizes the surface layer of the epidermis

Drop it directly onto the skin and apply it from the neck to the end of the tail.

Active ingredients spread throughout the body through sebum.

Combing the hair after use can make the killing drops more evenly distributed. Reapply every month or after bathing.

The effective period of a stick of killing drops is 4 weeks. Suitable for small dogs under 20kg.

Packaging: 5 bottles of 1ml killing drops - a total of 5 courses of treatment (5 months)