Other - Natural Calcium Powder For Dogs

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Natural biological calcium contains calcium digestion and absorption promoters such as CPP, lysine, and vitamin D.

Suitable for indoor breeding, lack of sunlight desire, and carnivorous dogs.

Suitable for dogs with eczema, allergies, skin diseases, anemia, and arthritis.

Powder type.

Ingredients: Junliang pork bone powder, oysters (Kampo ingredients), meatballs, pig bone marrow, yeast, minced chicken liver, minced cheese, L-lysine, CPP, lactose, Vitamins, choline, chondroitin sulfate

Nutritional ingredients: more than 23.0% protein, more than 9.0% lipid, less than 1.5% fiber, less than 59.0% ash, less than 5.0% moisture, Calcium 22.0%