Canagan 原之選

Canagan - Grain Free Chicken And Cat Food For Senior Cats


Original Selection imitates the eating habits of dogs and cats' ancestors, and contains natural ratios of protein, fat and carbohydrates, up to 75% fresh meat, combined with beneficial fresh fruits and vegetables.

Using high-quality meat, free of meat powder, meat by-products, artificial preservatives and colorings, all meat meets human-grade food standards.

Why Grain-Free?

Research has found that dogs and cats have difficulty digesting grains because their saliva lacks a substance called amylase, which helps break down starchy carbohydrates. Reports indicate that corn, wheat and barley among cereals are closely related to dog allergies and may cause symptoms such as stomach upset, itchy fur and shedding.

Even if your furry child is not allergic, grains are difficult to digest and have relatively low nutritional value.

Natural grain-free cat staple dry food 1.5~4kg

70-75% nutritious animal ingredients, 25-30% vegetables and plants, vitamins + minerals

Original nutritional ratio · fresh meat Cooking · High meat protein · Hypoallergenic formula · Easy to digest and absorb

No by-products · No meat meal · No artificial colors · No MSG · No artificial preservatives

Strong skin and hair, eye health, heart health , joint care

Ingredients: boneless chicken, dehydrated chicken, boneless salmon, sweet potato, dehydrated salmon, dehydrated eggs, salmon oil, minerals, vitamins, fructooligosaccharides, glucosamine, chondroitin sulfate, mannan oligosaccharides