Cunipic 酷力比

Cunipic - Bone Strengthening And Deodorizing Vitamin Food For Rabbits

small animal food
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Recommended by veterinarians

*Rich in fiber and vitamins

*Suitable for adult rabbits of all sizes

*Dried fruit and vegetable artificial granules

*A sound formula specially designed for general adult rabbits over 6 months old, with rich and balanced nutrition.

* Artificial granules and natural dry grain synthesis, alfalfa, carrots, wheat, barley, dry corn, green beans and artificial nutritional granules.

*Rich in vitamins and added Omega 3 to promote blood circulation, bright and healthy fur and strengthen immunity.

* Can meet the nutritional needs of pet rabbits. It is rich in carrots and prevents dry skin.

*14% protein, 2.8% fat, 15.7% fiber, 7.3% gray matter.