Cunipic 酷力比

Cunipic - Low Temperature Grain Free Low Fat High Fiber Guinea Pig Food

small animal food
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Each grain contains all the nutrients, grain-free, low in fat and high in fiber, coarse grains and starch for better digestion.

Low-temperature extrusion, which is a production method different from other brands, achieves a higher starch resistance ratio and minimizes the loss of vitamins and amino acids.

Long fibers, each one is longer than 0.3 mm.

The starch content is less than 25% and is mainly derived from grass, which can better digest and prevent diarrhea and obesity.

Contains a lot of hay and fiber, which helps in chewing and protects teeth and reduces wear.

Added prebiotics, resistant starch and fructose (insulin).

Balances calcium and ideal phosphorus.

This food is suitable for adult guinea pigs and can effectively prevent cardiovascular disease and cancer. Good oral taste. Basil, rosemary, fennel, mint, nettle), yucca extract.

Nutritional ingredients: crude protein 14.10%, crude fat 2.10%, crude fiber 25%, crude ash 7.25%, moisture 11%, calcium 0.52%, phosphorus 0.32%

Additives: Vitamin A22200UI/kg, Vitamin D32200UI/kg, Vitamin E1320UI/kg, Vitamin C900UI/kg, Zinc 19.30mg/kg, Copper 4.22mg/kg, Iron 63.29mg/kg, Lysine Acid 4.64 g/kg, sulfur-containing amino acids 1,82 g/kg