Deardeer - 100% Natural Deer Shank Bone

  • DearDeer deer pet food is sourced from deer grown on 55,000 acres of vast prairie in New Zealand and is 100% additive-free and preservative-free.
  • This natural deer pet food, deer, helps clean teeth, blood circulation, accelerates wound healing, improves and prevents skin sensitivity, moisturizes hair, treats joint pain, and improves physical strength. Moreover, venison has many functions. The fat content is the lowest among many meats, making it the best choice for healthy food.
  • DearDeer deer leg bones are made from original deer leg bones, which are rich in calcium and phosphorus and can effectively prevent fractures and osteoporosis.
  • **DearDeer food manufacturing factory fully complies with the strict production standards of the New Zealand Agricultural Administration (NZFSA) and is absolutely hygienic and reliable.
  • All deer food