Dogcatstar 汪喵星球

Dogcatstar - Cat Chicken Cod Glue Free Fresh Meat Staple Food Can




■Six insistences and guarantees of Wangmiao Planet

No artificial glue, conforming to AAFCO/NRC standards, no grains and soybeans

No potato and soy flour, no K3 and preservatives, no bisphenol A(BPA)

■98% fresh meat and offal, 2% plants and nutrients.

■The proportion of chicken heart and liver (offal) is 8%, simulating the composition of a cat’s natural diet in the wild and supplementing daily essential nutrients.

■Add the cooked chicken stock back into the can to enhance the umami flavor of the canned food and make it more appetizing. Ingredients: Chicken, flat cod, chicken heart and liver, egg yolk, Hualien golden clam (containing natural taurine and Omega-3), fish oil (rich in Omega-3, DHA & EPA), wheat grass, seaweed, calcium phosphate, calcium carbonate, Vitamins (vitamin B complex, vitamin E, vitamin D), comprehensive minerals, taurine

Nutritional ingredients: protein 15.8%

fat 7%

moisture 73.2%

Ash 2%

Fiber 0.5%

Carbohydrates ≒ 1%, sodium 0.04%, magnesium 0.02%

Calcium 0.3%

Phosphorus 0.24%

Calcium Phosphorus Ratio 1.25:1

Taurine 0.15%

Feeding size: 1.5-2 cans per day