Dogcatstar 汪喵星球

Dogcatstar - Cat 95% Fresh Meat Staple Food Meal Package Local Chicken Pot


■95% fresh meat staple food meal packs to satisfy cats’ desire to “bite”!

■Highly appetizing fresh meat pieces, boiled with a variety of fruits and vegetables, complying with the American AAFCO/NRC nutritional standards.

■Ready to eat, no need to heat, enjoy delicious meals in 1 second.

■Add pumpkin, turmeric, and fish oil to help maintain cardiovascular health.

■Local chicken legs and chicken breasts: Purely raised with natural grains, a source of high-quality protein. Raw materials: native chicken legs, native chicken breasts, chicken liver, pumpkin, gorgon seeds, carrots, seasonal vegetables, turmeric, basil leaves, fish oil, vitamins and minerals, taurine

Nutrition ingredients: Protein 15.1%

Fat 5.4%

Moisture 75%

Ash 2%

Fiber 0.5%

Carbohydrates ≒ 2.5%

Calcium 0.27%

Phosphorus 0.22%

Magnesium 0.021%

Sodium 0.053%

Taurine 0.15%

Omega-3 0.1%,

Feeding size: 1-2 per day Bag