Dogcatstar 汪喵星球

Dogcatstar - Disney Bright Hair Skin Care Turtle Egg Powder

  • Natural turtle eggs x five internationally patented raw materials can help furry children have healthy skin and thick hair
  • Taiwanese non-toxic turtle eggs: rich in lecithin, which helps improve immunity.
  • Dutch patented fish oil: rich in Omega-3, EPA and DHA.
  • Japanese patented collagen: effectively absorbed by the skin.
  • US patented colostrum: Contains a large amount of growth factors to help immunity.
  • Canadian patented yeast vitamin B complex: higher physiological utilization.
  • Dutch patented vitamin E: maintains cell membrane integrity.
  • Raw materials: Taiwan’s non-toxic turtle eggs, lecithin, fish oil, collagen, colostrum, yeast vitamin B complex, vitamin E