Dogcatstar 汪喵星球

Dogcatstar - Old Cat Salmon Chicken Silver Staple Food Can


■Help nutritional supplements for mature cats aged 7-9 years and above: mousse texture and protein hydrolysis technology allow older cats to eat, digest and absorb easily.

■Low-phosphorus staple food cans, meeting AAFCO/NRC nutritional standards.

■US patented cartilage extraction helps bone health.

■Irish seaweed calcium helps bone health.

■Added medium-chain fatty acids, easy-to-digest high-quality energy.

■Specially added prebiotics and fiber supplements to maintain intestinal health.

■Norwegian salmon: A good source of supplementary minerals to help your furry head grow stronger. Ingredients: chicken, salmon, chicken liver, egg yolk, natural fish oil (rich in Omega-3, DHA & EPA), artichoke, calcium phosphate, calcium carbonate, vitamins (vitamin B complex, vitamin E, vitamin D), comprehensive minerals, Medium chain fatty acids, U.S. patented chondroitin, taurine, psyllium dietary fiber

Nutritional ingredients: protein 15.3%

fat 7.3%

moisture 74.4%

Ash 2%

Fiber 0.53%

Carbohydrates ≒ 1%

Sodium 0.06%

Magnesium 0.014%

Calcium 0.2%

Phosphorus 0.16%

Calcium to phosphorus ratio 1.2:1

Taurine 0.17%,

Feeding amount: 1.5-2 cans per day