Dogcatstar 汪喵星球

Dogcatstar - Picky Cat Glueless Saury And Chicken Staple Food Can


■Specially designed for cats who love to bite, they can provide healthy wet food without licking pureed cans!

■Zero spices, natural deliciousness cooked with fresh seafood.

■No artificial glue and meets AAFCO/NRC nutritional standards.

■Rich in DHA and EPA, beneficial to brain and cardiovascular health.

■Saury: rich in vitamins B3, B12, D and calcium: helps strengthen bones and brain nerve health. Ingredients: bonito, saury, chicken legs, chicken heart and liver, natural fish oil (rich in Omega-3, EPA & DHA), psyllium dietary fiber, green algae, rose hips, calcium phosphate, calcium carbonate, vitamins (vitamin B complex, Vitamin E, vitamin D), comprehensive minerals, taurine

Nutritional ingredients: protein 15.3%

fat 6.5%

moisture 75.2%

ash 2%

Fiber 0.5%

Carbohydrates ≒ 1%

Sodium 0.06%

Magnesium 0.028%

Calcium 0.28%

Phosphorus 0.23%

Calcium Phosphorus Ratio 1.2:1

Taurine 0.1%

, feeding amount: 1.5-2 cans per day