GEX 格思

GEX - Cat Water Machine Ion Filter Replacement


Replacement filter for pure crystal and soft water filter for about 3 months
Maintain healthy lower urinary tract Hydrate your cats with gentle hydration! Ionic (ion exchange resin) removes magnesium and calcium in tap water, making it gentle on cats (soft water)
Always clean water. Activated carbon (antibacterial activated carbon formula) adsorpts chalky odor to make delicious water. The non-woven fabric catches unwanted food scum, hair loss, and dust to maintain clean water. Removes magnesium and calcium in tap water to maintain healthy lower urinary tract Magnesium and calcium are vital minerals for animals, but they are also healthier by preventing overdosing. From day to day, meals, obesity, lack of exercise, etc. may be taken with caution. If you notice any abnormalities, please consult a veterinarian immediately. This product is not intended for treatment of diseases
Contents: 3 pieces (approx. 3 months supply)
Compatible models: Pure Crystal Copan, Ceramic, Fit