Joyfood 喜樂寵宴

Joyfood - Glucosamine-Bonito + Chicken Soup Pack

  • The Cat Owner’s Royal Soup Packet is added with vitamins and a variety of nutritional and health-care ingredients: glucosamine-helps maintain joint mobility and cartilage health;
  • The Cat Owner’s Royal Fresh Soup is healthy, delicious and nutritious with top ingredients Bags, satisfying the good taste of cats;
  • Fresh and carefully selected ingredients, good palatability, can be mixed with feed to increase the appetite of cats;
  • Does not contain chemical glue: let Cats eat healthily;
  • Easy to carry when going out: convenient and can be eaten directly;
  • Afternoon tea feast: exquisite small package contains high meat content
  • Raw materials : Bonito, chicken, fresh fish soup, fresh chicken soup, mucopolysaccharides, glucosamine, vitamin B9/D, vitamin E, calcium carbonate, taurine, amino acids, folic acid, DHA, fish oil

Nutritional ingredients: more than 9.5% crude protein, more than 2.5% crude fat, less than 1.0% crude fiber, less than 1.5% crude ash, less than 85.0% moisture, about 34kcal/package