Joyfood 喜樂寵宴

Joyfood - Jimaodao Kitten Fresh Pure Chicken Staple Food Can

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Made of fresh sashimi grade fish for human consumption and carefully selected chicken and beef;

Added all the nutrients of staple food, and the soup made from carefully selected chicken bones can allow cats to absorb more water And nutrition;

Glue-free health-care staple food cans, no grains, no chemical controversial glue additions, high meat content, fresh, nutritious and delicious.

Ingredients: chicken, chicken soup, chicken liver, vitamins, cassava, minerals, vitamin A/E, zinc oxide, niacin, vitamin B6/B12, riboflavin, calcium pantothenate, folic acid, Vitamin D3, biotin, taurine, lutein

Nutritional ingredients: more than 14% crude protein, more than 5% crude fat, less than 0.5% crude fiber, more than 0.1% taurine, moisture Below 78%, above 0.1% omega3, above 0.21% phosphorus, above 0.02% magnesium, above 0.04% sodium, above 0.26% calcium, above 0.1% potassium, below 2% ash, carbohydrates approximately equal to 1%