Joyfood 喜樂寵宴

Joyfood - Jimaodao Old Cat Tuna Pumpkin Staple Food Jar


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  • No chemical controversy, no added preservatives, low magnesium and low sodium, Nature Health
  • Cat-flavored staple food canned food is prepared in a proportion of Xuan Yuan from the industry. In addition to containing basic meat, Food and water, as well as the daily nutrients needed by cats such as minerals, vitamins and taurine are also included in the professional calculation.
  • It is very convenient to eat the staple food can as soon as it is opened, and the meat content is high, which is in line with the habits of cats as carnivores and the nature of mainly getting water from food. At the same time, compared with dry cat food, it can provide more With more water, it can replenish the cat's daily water needs while eating. It is suitable as a staple food and is relatively convenient for owners to prepare wet food by themselves.
  • But remember, if your cat does not finish eating the can immediately, please refrigerate it and finish it within two days. You can use plastic wrap to store it or store it in a sealed container (preferably recommended).