Joyfood 喜樂寵宴

Joyfood - Taurine - Fresh And Tender Pure Chicken Puree

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  • Cat Owner’s Royal Clay Bars are added with vitamins and a variety of nutritional and health-care ingredients: taurine-helps stabilize nerves and emotions;
  • The delicious meat puree allows cats to replenish water;
< p >Added rich nutritional and health-care function formula, which can be fully absorbed by cats and satisfy their good taste;
  • Fresh and carefully selected ingredients have good palatability and can be mixed with feed to increase cats' appetite;
    • During the feeding process, you can increase the interaction with your cat
    • Raw materials: fresh pure chicken, fresh broth, taurine, vitamin E, vitamin B1/B3/B5 , lutein, hydrolyzed animal protein
    • Nutritional ingredients: more than 6.0% crude protein, more than 0.5% crude fat, less than 1.0% crude fiber, less than 1.0% crude ash, more than 70.0% moisture, calories about 7.0 kcal/bar