K9Natural 寵源新

K9Natural - Cat Canned Beef And Blue Point Cod Feast


Original natural nutrition

- Natural sterile raw meat, the same formula as frozen food, is a natural staple food can with complete nutrition

- Whole fresh high meat content (90% dog food, 98% cat food) meal The meal does not contain meat meal and processed bone meal, and is low in carbohydrates and meets biological needs

- No grains (including wheat, rice, corn) and fillers such as cassava and soybeans to prevent pets from developing allergies

- Absolutely does not contain food additives, preservative gels, carrageenan and other ingredients that may harm the pet's body

Optimal grade - 100% New Zealand human grade ingredients: natural wild grazing grass-fed cattle/sheep/deer, Free-range farm chickens, sustainable supply of fish and seasonal fresh fruits and vegetables

- New Zealand government export food safety certification

Natural nutrition is better

- Improves skin itching and allergies , hair is thicker and shinier

- Improves tear gland condition, eyes are brighter

- Reduced mouth and body odor, fecal odor

- Reduced fat, lean body, reduced joint problems

> - Easily digested and absorbed, reducing defecation volume and flatulence

- Adding New Zealand purified water allows pets to absorb more water and reduce the risk of urinary tract diseases


Cow Heart, blue tip cod, beef, beef kidney, beef liver, beef blood, sunflower oil, flaxseed flakes, New Zealand mussels, calcium carbonate, dipotassium hydrogen phosphate, dried kelp, taurine, vitamin E supplement, Magnesium oxide, zinc protein, copper protein, manganese manganate, thiamine mononitrate, vitamin D3 supplement, folic acid. Water is added during treatment.

Guaranteed composition analysis:

Crude protein (minimum): 9.1%

Crude fat (minimum): 6.3%

Crude fiber (maximum): 0.2%

/>Moisture (maximum): 81%

Taurine (minimum): 0.09%