Kaytee 凱蒂

Kaytee - Carrot Flavored Grass Bricks Alfalfa

small animal food
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Characteristics: Fresh alfalfa, which has been exposed to the sun and compressed, exudes a rich aroma! Bunny will definitely love it! It is rich in fiber, which can help gastrointestinal motility. The brick-shaped design can also allow rabbits to grind their teeth, which can help relieve stress and prevent teeth from growing too long. The addition of delicious carrots can help rabbits absorb more dietary fiber. , Rat and Rat are supplementing their nutrition while grinding their teeth!

Specification: 142g

Applicable to: pet rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, chipmunks, and other pet rats

Nutritional ingredients: Crude protein 14% Fat 1% Fiber 35 % Moisture 12%