Kaytee 凱蒂

Kaytee - Timothy Timothy Straw Bricks

small animal food
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It is native to Siberia and the cool zones of Europe and is now one of the important pastures in the world. It is sown once every 4 to 5 years. Due to its weak regeneration ability, it can only be harvested three times a year at most.

Timothy hay for pets is usually divided into one cut and two cut (there may be three cut depending on local planting conditions).

The first cut of grass after sowing in spring is called One Cut. The so-called 1st Cut refers to the first harvest of forage after sowing. Because it grows directly from seeds, it has thick stems and large leaves. However, due to the short growth period and insufficient sunlight, it has more stems, a lighter color and a lighter fragrance than the 2nd Cut. It is high in fiber, low in protein, has thick stems and leaves with long flower spikes, and has a refreshing fragrance.