LItoFAM 極寵部落

LItoFAM - Golden Clam Essence

  • The Pacific water vapor on the east side of Hualien blows all year round, and when blocked by the Central Mountains, it condenses into rain, gathers in streams to form rivers, or penetrates the surface to form groundwater, and flows eastward back to the Pacific Ocean.
  • When it flows through Shoufeng Township, fishermen built aquaculture ponds with springs and springs. It is a rare five-star breeding environment in the world with natural springs of spring water.
  • Utilize this unique natural spring to raise high-quality, pollution-free golden clams. Normal temperature, consumption method: (1) Eat directly after opening (2) Directly heat the package with water before pouring it out for consumption Available for all dog breeds & all cat breeds.
  • 1 package for 2-5KG; 2 packages for 5-10KG; 3 packages for 10-15KG; 4 packages for 15-20KG; 5 packages above 20KG according to the recommendations on the packaging.