Litomon 怪獸部落

Litomon - Canned Cat Breed Meat Glue Free Staple Food Canned Pure Duck Meat


Using a single meat source, it is especially suitable for cats with sensitive stomachs. It contains 98% fresh meat. The duck meat has a fragrant flavor and is rich in protein, iron, vitamins A/B1/B2/E/zinc and other trace elements. Unsaturated fatty acids that are good for cardiovascular health are meats that are easy to digest and absorb and have high nutritional value.

Raw materials: duck meat, duck liver, fish oil, psyllium dietary fiber, calcium phosphate, calcium carbonate, vitamins (A, B complex, D, E), organic minerals, taurine

Nutritional analysis: Metabolizable energy 115kcal/100g

Protein 13.9%

Fat 7.6%

Ash 2%

Moisture 75.5%

Fiber 0.3 %

Carbohydrates ≒ 1%

Calcium 0.29%

Phosphorus 0.24%

Calcium: Phosphorus 1.2 : 1

Sodium 0.06%

Magnesium 0.02%

Taurine 0.13%