Litomon 怪獸部落

Litomon - Canned Cat Breeder Meat Staple Food Canned Goose And Chicken


No additional glue, no shells from soybeans and corn, no spices or pigments, goose meat is thick and tender, rich in lysine, histine and alanine; high in protein, low in fat and cholesterol, rich in calcium and phosphorus , iron and a variety of vitamins and minerals, and rich in unsaturated fatty acids, which are beneficial to cardiovascular health.

Raw materials: goose meat, chicken legs, chicken breasts, chicken hearts and liver, fish oil, psyllium dietary fiber, kale, seaweed, cranberries, calcium phosphate, calcium carbonate, vitamins (A, B Group, D, E), organic minerals, taurine

Nutrition analysis: Metabolizable energy 116kcal/100g

Protein 16.6%

Fat 6.6%

Ash 2%

Moisture 73.8%

Fiber 0.3%

Carbohydrates ≒ 1%

Calcium 0.06%

Phosphorus 0.24%

Calcium: Phosphorus 1.2 : 1

Sodium 0.29%

Magnesium 0.02%

Taurine 0.12%