Litomon 怪獸部落

Litomon - Cat Canned Breeder Meat Glue Free Staple Food Can Pure Pork


Using a single meat source, it is especially suitable for cats with sensitive stomachs. It has 98% fresh meat content. The meat is fresh and tender black pork. Chemical drugs such as antibiotics and sulfonamides are not used during the breeding process. It contains minerals, calcium, iron, zinc, and vitamin B1. /B2/B3 and other nutrients.

Raw materials: Taiwan Shennong Award black pork, fish oil, psyllium dietary fiber, calcium phosphate, calcium carbonate, vitamins (A, B complex, D, E), organic minerals, taurine

Nutritional analysis: Metabolizable energy 105kcal/100g

Protein 14.3%

Fat 6.3%

Ash 2%

Moisture 76.4%

Fiber 0.3 %

Carbohydrates ≒ 1%

Calcium 0.27%

Phosphorus 0.22%

Calcium: Phosphorus 1.2 : 1

Sodium 0.06%

Magnesium 0.02%

Taurine 0.13%