Litomon 怪獸部落

Litomon - Vitamin Pure Chicken Light Meat Puree


No colorings, no feed attractants, no preservatives. It is also suitable for kidney cats and sugar cats to supplement vitamins.

Ingredients: chicken, pure water, nutritional amino acids, thickening polysaccharides, fructooligosaccharides (dietary fiber), vitamin C

Nutritional ingredients: calories 48Kal/100g, water ( max.) 90.0%, protein (min.) 7.0%, ash (max.) 2.0%, fat (min.) 0.2%, phosphorus (min.) 0.03%, fiber (max.) 1.0%, sodium (min. 0.005% It is recommended for cats with kidney disease and diabetes to consult a doctor and eat them with prescribed staple foods, no more than 2 pieces per day.