Marukan 馬卡

Marukan - Guinea Pig Fruit And Vegetable Nutritious Meal


It uses a large amount of fruits and vegetables, rich in dietary fiber, and combined with ARBOCEL natural concentrated fiber to help intestinal peristalsis and digestive system health. Specially added vitamin C to enhance daily healthy nutrition. Spinach, mulberry leaves, Egyptian wild bean, mugwort, tomato), fermented grain extract, thickening stabilizer (processing, glycerin starch), preservation agent (potassium sorbate), spices, coloring matter (silica dioxide, caramel) , yellow 4, yellow 5, green 1), papaya enzyme, antioxidant (mixed vitamin E, rosemary extract)

Nutritional ingredients: more than 12.9% crude protein, more than 1.9% crude fat, crude fiber Below 12.0%, coarse ash below 5.4%, moisture below 10.2%