Momi - Moses Ear Pasture


Momi draws on years of experience and expertise in sourcing grass for famous competitive horse farms to carefully select the highest quality and top-quality grass for your pet.

In addition, all Momi pastures have obtained quarantine certificates and health certificates issued by the United States Department of Agriculture before being exported from the United States, so they can be eaten with confidence.

Momi's grassland is produced in the frozen zone of the United States, ensuring high product quality.

The second cut refers to the second cut of grass after sowing. The grass quality is softer than the first cut, and the fragrance is stronger and sweeter.

It contains high crude protein and fat, providing the daily needs of adult pets.

The soft leaves and sweet-smelling hay are an irresistible delicacy for herbivores.

Pets are not used to eating the stemier first-cut grass, and the softer leaf second-cut grass is a good choice.