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Other - Pet Skin Repair Spray


**Pet skin repair spray contains the organic patented bioactive ingredient "TOTAROL™", which is powerful antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and accelerates healing!

**Veterinarian recommended for wounds, itchiness, redness and dry skin.

Powerful antibacterial, removes ringworm, prevents external infections, and helps wounds heal quickly.

Suitable for cats and dogs of any age, aimed at relieving various skin problems:

--Wounds. Cut. Bruise. scratch. Burns

--Mosquito bites. ulcer. After surgery. Abscess. Abscess

--skin infection. bacteria. Fungi. Viruses

--eczema. allergy. Itching. Redness

--Money ringworm. Rash. Inflammation

The product does not contain steroids/drugs, will not cause drug resistance or dependence, is mild in nature and does not irritate the skin

**No entry required Harmful**