Petkit 佩奇

Petkit - Mini Smart Feeder White


"Petkit Fresh Element Mini smart pet feeder, small in size, big in content, double freshness preservation, fully intelligent sensor, remote control, a unique feeder specially designed for cats and miniature dogs

- The first dual fresh-keeping technology, the silicone sealing ring grain outlet acts like a grain storage barrel when stationary, blocking air, preventing oxidation, and locking in freshness. The fully sealed design prevents insects from entering at the same time. It also has a built-in desiccant box to prevent moisture at the same time. Achieving freshness

-New and improved food delivery structure, more flexible and precise food delivery

-Specially designed for pets with special feeding needs, 5-100g of food is delivered each time , for gastrointestinal problems, small meals and multiple meals are healthier

- No obstruction in food delivery, automatically adapts to the food delivery system, and can be adapted to most dry pet food on the market (diameter 12-25mm)

- Anti-pinch soft rubber design at the grain outlet, considerate and safe, accurate grain weight detection, food shortage, power outage notification, etc.

- Remote mobile phone App to control feeding amount, feeding time, and multiple periods Presets, records, feeding amount suggestions, etc.

- Infrared sensor controls the food release system to ensure planned balanced diet management

- Low power consumption and high power, monthly It only consumes 3 kilowatt hours of electricity and has a built-in emergency power supply system. Just install the AA battery and it will continue to operate even during a power outage

- Innovative magnetically adsorbed food trays can avoid misalignment and food spillage after impact

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- The food tray, grain storage bucket, and internal mechanical structure are all removable and washable, which is convenient and hygienic

- One-button simple operation, while retaining the manual grain dispensing button, so you can feel the manual operation at home For the fun of feeding food, you can lock the button through the mobile APP when you go out."