Pronature Holistic 楓趣盛宴

Pronature Holistic - Orange Grain Free Duck Hypoallergenic Cat Food


Fresh Grain-Free Duck and Orange Recipe
Adult cats 1 year old or above
grain free
Inspired by the gourmet cooking of top French chefs, the duck and orange recipe suitable for cats will surely make your cat have endless aftertaste!

Nutritional characteristics
Source of fresh duck meat: Fresh duck meat has balanced nutrition, delicious taste, and is the main source of protein. It has perfect balanced nutrition and high palatability.
Grain-Free: This formula is specially formulated for cats with short gastrointestinal tracts or pets who are in need of digestive system conditioning. Because it contains high protein and fat, it can promote cat metabolism and digestion.
Strengthens the Immune System: Fresh oranges are a good source of vitamin C which helps maintain the immune system. Vitamin E and bound minerals strengthen the immune system. It is rich in vitamins A, B, and C, and has a better source of calcium and willow juice than any other fruit, helping cats improve their immune and protective capabilities.
Promote digestion: Natural dried tomatoes support intestinal transit and digestion.
Fresh Breath and Healthy Teeth Enriched with organic celery and mint leaves to freshen breath, and specially designed particles to help keep teeth clean and healthy.
Orange: Rich in protective compounds such as vitamins A, B, C and nearly more calcium than any other fruit, and helps strengthen the immune system.
Chamomile: Has anti-inflammatory properties that help relieve most minor ailments and improves digestion. It also has the effect of relaxing nerves and reducing anxiety.
Aloe vera: It can help with digestive problems, improve constipation, strengthen the immune system to improve symptoms of infection and inflammation; it can also reduce blood sugar levels and is very effective for diabetes symptoms.
Grain-free: Suitable for pets with extremely short gastrointestinal tracts or those in need of digestive system conditioning. Its high protein and fat enable pets to fully absorb nutrients for metabolic needs.
Vitamins E, C and beta carotene are paired with chelated minerals to strengthen the body's immune system.
Tomatoes, beet pulp and other natural fiber sources promote intestinal function and enhance digestion and absorption.
Top-grade green tea extract: rich in vitamin C and catechins to increase the antioxidant capacity of the body, and its easily digestible fiber can also help freshen breath and aid oral hygiene.
Rosemary and tocopherol are the main sources of natural antioxidant vitamin E.