Sunday Pets

Sunday Pets - Mildly Baked Grain Free Adult Dog Food Cod


Suitable for small and medium-sized dogs over 12 months old.
It is grain-free, rich in protein, low in carbohydrates, closer to a natural diet, and provides essential nutrients for a healthy lifestyle.
The gentle roasting process removes moisture from the entire food ingredients to better retain more of the natural flavor. There is no need to add any artificial or additional flavor-enhancing spray oils to make up for any loss of flavor or nutrients.
The gentle roasting also adds a refreshing and crunchy texture to your dog's food.
In short, it has the following characteristics: (1) Meat/meat meal without unrefined fat, (2) Concentrated plant protein is not used, (3) Complex carbohydrates are not used, such as: Potatoes, cassava, beans and grains, (4) No artificial colors, flavors, preservatives and spray oils added.