Sunrise 盛來知

Sunrise - Chicken Black Dental Cleaning Stick For Dogs


This is a stick-shaped dental cleaning snack that produces hydrogen gas in your dog’s body to support good health.

Contains Agaricus Blazei Murill and antioxidant ingredients including sesamin.

Raw materials: meat (chicken breast, chicken breast, etc.), cereals, dietary fiber, pear essence (silicone food agent), sterilized powder of Jiematsu fruiting body, thiamine, Thickening stabilizers (processed starch, glycerin), flavors, preservatives (potassium sorbate), antioxidants (mixed tocopherols, rosemary extract)

Nutritional ingredients: protein More than 18.0%, more than 1.0% lipid, less than 2.0% crude fiber, less than 3.0% ash, less than 29.0% moisture

Energy 270kcal (per 100g)