Sunrise 盛來知

Sunrise - Soft Lactobacillus Dental Cleansing Stick For Dogs


An elastic dental cleaning stick that is easy for small dogs to chew. It can reduce tartar through chewing and is added with L8020 lactic acid bacteria to maintain periodontal health.

Ingredients: meat (collagen, etc.), dietary fiber, fermented milk powder (L82020 lactic acid bacteria), thickening stabilizer (processed starch, syrup), coloring fee (carbon dioxide), storage fee (potassium parasol) , Antioxidants (mixed gas, rosemary extract)

Nutritional ingredients: more than 16.0% protein, less than 3.0% ash, more than 0.8% fat, less than 30.0% moisture, less than 4.5% fiber, 275kcal/100g calories