Aixia 愛喜雅

Aixia - Healthy Soft Bag For Hair Removal Balls Over 11 Years Old


The entire series is aimed at maintaining the health of the kidneys and elderly cats. It is combined with dietary fiber to help excrete hair balls, increases the amount of oligosaccharides to maintain intestinal health, and improves symptoms.

Ingredients: Tuna. Oils and fats (animal fats and oils. Sunflower oil. Refined fish oil containing DHA and EPA. Coconut oil). Hydrolyzed protein. Oligosaccharides. Thickening stabilizers. Vitamins. Thickening. Polysaccharides contain dietary fiber

Analytical values: Crude protein 6.8% ↑ Crude fat 4.3% ↑ Crude fiber 0.6% ↓ Crude ash 0.8% ↓ Moisture 83% ↓

Calories: Calories: 39Kcal/can

Origin: Thailand