Akane - Japanese Carefully Selected Tuna And Crab Meat Sticks


Add your cat's favorite crab sticks to the tuna.

With dietary fiber, it creates a mellow and delicious taste that cats like.

Turn the jar upside down to get it out quickly, even without a spoon. It is also most suitable for hydration.

10 billion FK-23 lactic acid bacteria are combined to maintain intestinal health.

Through dietary fiber, beneficial bacteria can easily increase, adjust the bacterial flora in the intestines, and achieve healthy bowel movements.

Combined with oligosaccharides and calcium.

Nutritional ingredients: more than 4% crude protein, more than 0.1% crude fat, less than 1% crude fiber, less than 2% crude ash, less than 91% moisture

Raw materials: tuna , fish cake, tuna extract, dietary fiber, bonito flakes, bonito bone meal, oligosaccharides, collagen peptides, lactic acid bacteria (heat treatment), thickening stabilizer, vitamin E