Asuku 愛斯克

Asuku - Crab Sticks Sliced Cat And Dog Snacks


Asuku treats
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Fresh cod and crab meat from Japan are made into fish paste. Through a strict special production process, it becomes the best delicious and healthy snack for cats. It is nutritious and delicious.

Extremely fresh seafood snack, beloved cats and Dogs eat happily and can also supplement nutrition, making them an indispensable snack for pets.

Ingredients: Cod minced fish, wheat starch, D sorbitol, seasonings (amino acids, etc.), crab meat, salt, vegetable oils and fats, pigments (red malt, annatto, annatto (True)

Nutritional ingredients: crude protein: more than 22.1%, crude fat: more than 4.9%, crude fiber: less than 0.1%, crude ash: less than 6.6%, water content: less than 11.0%