Biogance 浦潔絲

Biogance - Geraniol Essential Oil Killing Drops For Small And Medium Sized Dogs


Utilizing geraniol essential oil, the active ingredient in BIOSPOTIX® dehydrates chitin, disrupting the insect's respiratory system.

Parasites die from suffocation and dehydration. Geraniol in the gaseous state helps to dehydrate insect eggs and larvae, giving BIOSPOTIX® excellent insecticidal and egg-killing properties.

*Chitin is the main component of cell walls and the exoskeletons of insects and arthropods.

Protect your pets with BIOSPOTIX® Killing Drops:

- Effective immediately

- Valid for 4 weeks (protect against fleas, ticks, lice...)

Apply directly to the skin, from the neck to the end of the tail. Reapply every month or after bathing.

Active ingredients spread throughout the body through sebum. Combing the hair after use can help distribute the killing liquid more evenly.