Biokat's 保潔

Biokat's - Extra Strength Deodorant Long-Lasting Fragrance Sand


Mid-Year Crazy Sale Cat Litter Offer
Biokat's Cat Litters 3件9折 4件8折


Odour binding: large grains in the clumping litter ensure fast and effective liquid and odour binding thanks to particularly large pores
Clump formation: medium-sized grains support the formation of firm and compact lumps and thus facilitate the cleaning of the litter box
Yield: small grains spread throughout the bentonite litter and thus extend the range of the cat litter
Storage: close the plastic bag and always store Biokat's litter made of bentonite in a dry place
Box contents: 1 plastic bag, 10 litres, Biokats Classic Fresh 3-in-1 coarse litter with baby powder fragrance, made in Germany