Biokat's 保潔

Biokat's - Natural Activated Charcoal Deodorant Cat Clay Sand


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100% absolutely natural white mineral sand (the agglomeration effect is also naturally formed)

Good clumping effect (when it comes into contact with liquid, it immediately absorbs the liquid, blocking the unpleasant odor, like a gold ingot)

Directly imported from Europe

No chemicals added

less dust

Non-stick chassis

It has been sold in Europe for many years and has very high sales results.

Remove the clumps and excrement every day, and re-add the removed amount on the "surface". One 10kg pack can be used for 40 days, which is economical and affordable.

Usage: For first time use, it is recommended to fill the litter tray with cat litter to a height of 7cm or as much as your cat needs.

Take out the clumps and excrement first, and add the removed amount to the "surface" again.

Do not mix the bottom cat litter, because over time, part of the fragrance will have flowed away and only fill the surface layer.